Where To Find Apple Cider Vinegar in The Grocery Store

To find apple cider vinegar, look in the aisle where the condiments are located. Apple cider vinegar is used in endless recipes, as it’s very versatile. It’s made by fermenting crushed apples but can also contain other ingredients such as citric acid.

Apple cider vinegar can be utilized in recipes such as shredded pork, stews, and even desserts. The strong, potent taste of apple cider vinegar brings out the flavor of the food it’s mixed with. That’s not all, though; it’s also very healthy for you and is excellent natural medicine!

The health benefits are a big reason it’s so popular, but we can’t deny that it’s an excellent additive to many recipes. That’s exactly why we’ve covered a few here that’ll make your pallet happy. Plus, we’re even going to cover a few substitutes, just in case the store is out of stock.

Outstanding Benefits

It’s Very Nutritional

Apple cider vinegar is known for its exceptional nutritional values. It’s very high in amino acids, essential for proper cell growth and producing crucial chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and more. It also helps our bodies fight off harmful bacteria, leading to our next benefit.

It’s Anti-bacterial

Apple cider vinegar is also an anti-bacterial. It’s been used for years to treat topical infections, such as insect bites, fungus, and more. However, it can also be ingested to help fight off harmful gut bacteria, a widespread practice amongst the home remedy community!

Lowers Blood Sugar

For those of you destitute enough to have type 2 diabetes, apple cider vinegar may be just what you need. It helps to reduce the side effects by improving insulin sensitivity by as much as 25%. Furthermore, it can help by preventing hyperglycemia, a spike in blood sugar after meals.

Excellent Substitutes

White Vinegar

The primary goal of using apple cider vinegar is by taking advantage of the acidic properties. White vinegar also offers very similar results and is perfect to use for pickling, broths, and all sorts of other recipes or uses. However, white vinegar lacks much of the flavor that apple cider vinegar offers, so you may find that lemon juice helps with this.

Champagne Vinegar

In many ways, champagne vinegar is the best substitute for apple cider vinegar due to its sweet properties. It is still moderately acidic and is just as tangy as its counterpart. It’s not as sweet, though, so you may need to add a little sweetener or change your recipe plan a little to make it fit well. It’s still great as an alternative, especially for sauces, broths, and salad dressings!

Malt Vinegar

Malt vinegar has a very distinctive taste, which is very comparable to yeast. However, it’s still a great choice to use as an alternative, especially for savory foods. It’s not the best for dishes that have a sweeter flavor profile, though. If you opt for malt vinegar, expect to use 30% less volume than you would with apple cider vinegar!

Awesome Uses


We decided to list one of the most surprising options first. Believe it or not, apple cider vinegar can make for a very solid marinate. Most unique recipes call for a mixture of apple cider vinegar and soy sauce, although you may use the one that meets your needs best. However, it’s hard to add too much when it’s used as a marinade specifically.

Soup Flavoring

Apple cider vinegar is also used very effectively to flavor a variety of different soups. It will instantly brighten up the taste and cut through any excess saltiness. It’s essential to use the correct amount, though, so you might want to experiment a bit. It’s always best to use less than more at first, as it can become overpowering to some.


Yes, we decided to include a non-food related-use! Believe it or not, apple cider vinegar is an excellent natural alternative to commercial mouthwash. This is due to the acidity of the vinegar creates a hostile environment for bacteria growth. Our suggestions are to add two tablespoons of the vinegar to 1 cup of water.


Apple cider vinegar has been used for all sorts of purposes throughout the centuries, ranging from medicinal uses to mouthwash and beyond. It’s great to use as a marinade, too, as it’s known for its ability to bring out the flavors in the most basic recipes.

The flavor can be overly intense and bitter, though, which is why we’ve included a few substitutes. Plus, the health benefits, as mentioned previously, are pretty astounding! The vinegar is a must-have for anyone wanting a prudish seasoning cabinet.