The Best 3 Infrared Toaster Ovens

An infrared toaster oven is a multipurpose kitchen appliance that is substantially faster and more efficient than a convection oven. They can produce extremely hot temperatures by using energy waves and high-intensity infrared emitters.

Overall, infrared-based toasters provide a wide array of benefits. They are affordable, smaller in size, don’t make a lot of noise, require less maintenance, and use less energy. On the other hand, a convection oven is much bigger and therefore uses a lot more energy to heat up and cook food.

There are many different options to choose from, with varying price tags, sizes, features, and functionalities. We’ve examined the best infrared toaster ovens to help you select one that works properly and provides a quality experience.

1. The Panasonic FlashXpress


  • Precise temperature control easily bake piping hot fresh breads and prepared meals
  • Clean compact design
  • Easy to use the flashxpress toaster oven includes a square shape inner tray

This top-rated infrared toaster oven is cost-effective, compact, and cooks food evenly on each side. It works quickly by using ceramic components and a double infrared heating system positioned on the far and near side of the toaster.

The temperature settings range anywhere from 250 °F up to 500°F, with a thermal sensor that provides precise degrees of heat. Because of the fast-acting infrared heating system, there is no need to preheat the toaster before use.

The unit includes preset cooking and reheating times for various foods, including toast, waffles, hash browns, and pizza. If you decide to opt out of the automatic cooking modes, you can easily customize the settings and control the cook time up to 25 minutes. The digital timer is backed by a bright light, making it easy to see from a distance.

This toaster has a detectable crumb tray that will make the cleanup process much simpler. The inner tray, placed above the crumb tray, measures around 9 inches and can easily hold multiple items of food. This tray can extend out, making the placement and removal of food safe and easy. There is also a bright light on the interior of the toaster that allows you to monitor the food as it cooks.


  • This double infrared-lined toaster can cook foods up to 40% faster compared to a traditional convection oven.
  • The interior is coated with a nonstick lining, making for an easy cleanup process.
  • The toaster is smaller in size and will not take up a ton of countertop space.
  • It has a durable door with two hinges that allow it to smoothly open and close.
  • The door is also connected to the baking shelf; when opened, the rack will automatically slide out. It will retract when closed as well.


  • It is on the smaller side, so if you need to cook larger foods, it may not fit in this oven.

2. Breville Mini Smart Oven


  • Smart element IQ
  • 8 cooking functions
  • 1 year limited product warranty

This smart oven is a medium-sized toaster that uses Breville’s Element IQ technology, providing a faster, more powerful cooking experience. It uses four quartz heating elements to evenly distribute power and heat throughout the oven. This helps to properly toast, bake, broil, etc. every inch of the food and maintain the designated temperature setting throughout the duration of the cooking process.

This oven has more of a sleek, modern aesthetic and the price tag to back it up. This is a slightly more expensive option compared to some other models. It comes in a brushed stainless steel material and has a backlit display screen that is bright and easy to read. The screen will light up in an orange color when preheating and cooking, and switch to a subtle blue once the cook time has completed. This model does take a bit longer to heat up, compared to the Panasonic FlashXpress, which is ready to go in a matter of seconds.

Although this toaster is smaller by design, it can actually fit a good amount of food inside, whether you’re looking to cook a mid-sized pizza or numerous pieces of toast. There are eight different cooking options available that are set by a designated knob. Some of the options include preset cook-times based on the type of food, like a bagel, pizza, or cookies. The other choices depend on what kind of heating function you’re looking to perform – toast, bake, broil, roast, or reheat.


  • This smart oven is easy to clean, durable, and provides many different cooking options.
  • It has a removable crumb tray on the bottom that you can pull out for easier cleaning.
  • The oven can heat up to 1,800 watts.
  • It includes many smart features for a faster, more precise heating experience.
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • This toaster has trouble cooking foods evenly.
  • There is no oven light, making it harder to see how the cooking process is going.
  • This is a more expensive option, with not many additional features included.
  • It is slightly loud when preheating and cooking food.

3. Morning Star Infrared Digital Convection Toaster Oven


  • New Lightning Infrared Technology
  • EXTRA LARGE. 21"x 13" x 13.5" exterior.
  • Reliable Convection function for fast & even cooking

This extra-large oven is able to fit a higher capacity of food, like a 12-inch pizza, 12 slices of bread, or quarter-sized baking sheets. Because of its larger size, this appliance will take up more countertop space and is harder to store. It measures 21’’x 13’’ x 13.5’’, which can pose an issue if your kitchen has limited room.

It uses advanced infrared technology to deliver a faster cooking experience compared to most convection ovens. The infrared heat works to retain the natural moisture in food, allowing it to heat up more quickly, while remaining flavorful. This type of heat production will contain the moisture as the food absorbs the infrared energy. This friction will allow the food to cook at a high-speed, saving both energy and time.

There are a few preset functions available for a quick and easy cooking process. You can set the toaster to bake, broil, toast, or roast a variety of different foods.

There is also an oven light so you can watch the food’s progression and double-check nothing is burning. A baking rack, baking pan, crumb tray, wire rack, and tray handle are some additional items included in the purchase. The racks can be placed on four different height options, depending on what you’re cooking and how crisp you want it to get.


  • It can cook more food at once with the bigger-sized interior.
  • It heats up food around 40% faster than a convection oven.
  • The display is large, making it easier to see the digital timer.
  • It works well on frozen foods, acting quickly to defrost and cook.
  • There is no need to preheat this toaster, you can simply place the food in the tray when it’s ready to start cooking.
  • It comes with a detailed manual for troubleshooting and is backed by a quality customer service team that is happy to answer questions and address concerns.


  • This toaster requires open space 12 inches above and 4 inches around for sufficient air circulation.

Infrared toasters are multi-purpose appliances that are proven to be very helpful and convenient in the kitchen.

There are many sizes available, which is arguably the most important factor to consider before buying. You should make sure the toaster oven can fit on your countertop or in your cabinet. You can do this by measuring the open space you have available and comparing it to the toaster’s size.

Additionally, different brands provide various features and cooking capabilities, making it difficult to choose the right one. This article takes an in-depth look at the best infrared toaster ovens on the market, helping to make the decision a little easier.