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Ninja AF101 High Gloss Finish Air Fryer

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer

Contrary to the traditional deep-frying method of drenching foods in fatty oils, an oil-less fryer, also known as an air fryer, can create the same outcome without the added grease.

You may be wondering how this up-and-coming kitchen appliance is able to make food crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, without an extensive amount of oil. Essentially, it works just like a convection oven, as the machine blows hot air around the tray of food. This hot airflow allows the exterior of the food to brown, producing exceptional results.

The abundance of oil-less fryer options makes it difficult to decide which model is right for you and your cooking needs. Here are the best oil-less fryers for crispy, golden foods without all the extra oil.

1. Ninja AF101 High Gloss Finish Air Fryer


  • Air fry with up to 75 percent less fat than traditional frying methods
  • Wide temperature range
  • Dishwasher safe parts

The Ninja Air Fryer is designed to fry any type of food for the perfect crunch-worthy bite. It is a versatile product that can fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate a wide variety of foods. When ordering, the unit comes with a multi-layer rack that will increase the overall capacity, a ceramic-coated plate that will allow the hot air to reach the bottom of the food, and a recipe book.

The basket can hold up to 4 quarts of food and is lined with a nonstick base. It can be set anywhere from 105°F to 400°F, allowing for several cooking techniques to be performed. When turned on, the oil-less fryer will need a few minutes to preheat and remove any moisture from the air.


  • This oil-less fryer contains specific dishwasher-safe pieces, including the basket, plate, and rack.
  • It can hold a large capacity of food, i.e., around 2 pounds of fries.
  • It is a user-friendly product, with a one-touch control panel that allows the user to choose from 4 different cooking functions.
  • You can manually adjust the temperature and time as well.
  • The power can reach up to 1500 Watts, which helps the food to cook evenly on each side.
  • The tray is made of BPA-free stainless steel material.


  • The unit can get very hot when cooking. Allow time for it to cool down before touching anything.

2. Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer


  • Simple & easy operation with 2 dials
  • Super Size capacity is expandable up to 16 quarts
  • Ability to cook two different foods simultaneously

From French fries and sweet potato squares to meats and vegetables, the Big Boss oil-less fryer can deliver a quality, crunchy result without the added oil. This unit comes with a double-shelf set that can fry, grill, or roast different kinds of foods simultaneously.

It uses varying heat sources to cook the food – a convection effect, infrared heat, and a halogen bulb. They all work together to evenly brown everything inside the tray in a short time.

The bowl is made of glass, so you can check up on the food without having to open anything. Additionally, it can hold up to 16 quarts with the extra trays and larger bowl size. The fryer even comes with an extender ring that allows for larger-sized foods to fit inside.


  • There are various colors available, including silver, black, red, copper, and graphite.
  • There is a built-in timer and safety handle that will automatically turn the fryer off when the handle is lifted up.
  • It comes with a limited 2-year warranty.
  • The unit comes with a detailed recipe book.  
  • There are two separate controls for both the timer and temperature range, allowing users to customize settings as needed.


  • The upper part of the fryer is made of plastic, which may begin to melt as it heats up.
  • It has a lower power capacity (1300 Watts) compared to some other models.

3. GoWise USA Electric Air Fryer


  • Enjoy your favorite food without the extra calories.
  • Sleek and modern look with advanced touch screen menu.
  • Comes with non-stick pan and detachable basket equipped

The GoWise air fryer uses hot air circulation to create food that has a light and airy interior paired with a flavorful, crunchy exterior. It is multifunctional, with the ability to fry, grill, bake, broil, or roast from a single kitchen appliance.

The basket can hold up to 5.8 quarts of food. It is also removable, which will help when moving food or other ingredients to and from the fryer. There is a touchscreen feature that has predetermined settings already installed and an alarm to remind you when the food is ready. You can customize the time and temperature settings to fit your recipe as well.


  • This fryer comes in a few different colors – black, purple, red, or white and different sizing options – 5.8 quarts or 7 quarts.
  • The temperature settings range from 180°F to 400°F, meaning you can do anything from dehydrate foods to toast them.
  • It comes with 50 starter recipes and an app that gives directions and tips on using the fryer.
  • It is easy to clean, simply place the basket in soapy water and allow it to soak.
  • The basket is made from a PFOA-free, nonstick coating.


  • It comes with a short-lived warranty, only 30 days.
  • It is cumbersome when the basket is in, making it difficult to move around the kitchen.

4. Philips Digital Oil-less Air Fryer


  • Air is the new oil. Fry and cook healthier food with up to 75% less fat.
  • Fastest and most even cooking thanks to the unique and patented starfish design.
  • Double layer rack accessory is included!

Next up is the Phillips fryer, which requires little to no oil for a healthier alternative to deep-fried foods. This is a higher-end, more luxurious option that contains a unique fat reduction technology that will round up and release any excess fat within the food. With that comes a heavier price tag.

This device comes with multifaceted capabilities, including the option to grill, roast, bake, reheat, toast, or dehydrate. It can hold up to 3 pounds of food and does not require any additional preheating time. It is ready to go in a matter of seconds.

And that is not the only time-saving feature on this fryer; it turns frozen foods into a delicious, crispy texture four times faster than a classic convection oven. This is a versatile, time-saving product that yields great results.


  • It is durable and made of high-quality materials.
  • The removable parts are all dishwasher-safe, making the cleanup process quick and easy.
  • It comes with detailed instructions and a recipe book.
  • There are preset options already programmed in for popular meals, like fries, chicken, muffins, steak, and seafood.
  • There is an easy-to-read digital display and touchscreen buttons.
  • It comes with an automatic off button. It turns off when the device has been left alone for a long period of time.


  • It is more expensive compared to other models.
  • The unit is heavy and may be hard to move around the kitchen.

5. Avalon Bay Air Fryer


  • 3.7 Quart capacity, temperatures ranging from 180 to 400 Degrees

This air fryer from Avalon is unique in its technique to reach a crisp end result. It mimics the approach of deep-fryers, using rapid air circulation technology to recreate your favorite fried foods by using little to no oil. 

With a 3.7-quart capacity, this unit can hold a good amount of food, but not as much as some of the other options on the market. The temperature can be set anywhere from 180°F to 400°F, which is pretty standard of any oil less fryer

Additionally, it contains up to 1400 watts of power, enabling every morsel of food to be fried uniformly.

It has a detachable basket that is made out of BPA-free plastic. This means the material will not melt overtime, ensuring long-lasting usage. The fryer comes with a few accessories, like a multi-use rack, nonstick dish, and a guided cookbook.


  • Because the basket is removable, this device is easy to clean and store.
  • This is one of the more affordable options and even includes a 90-day return policy.
  • The baking dish is coated with a nonstick lining.
  • There are two, easy-to-use dials that can adjust the time and temperature accordingly.


  • The timer only goes up to 30 minutes, nothing longer.
  • The basket is not durable and cannot hold overly heavy foods.

An oil-less fryer is an excellent alternative to deep-frying and using a traditional convection oven. Not only is it healthier, but the device is easy to use and cooks a wide variety of dishes in a matter of minutes.

There are many products on the market that provide convenience and ease, making it difficult to find the best option. We have researched and reviewed the best oil-less fryers so you don’t have to.