Where To Find Gelatin Powder in The Grocery Store?

To find gelatin powder, look in the aisle where the cake and pudding ingredients are located. Gelatin powder is one of the classic tabletop ingredients to make delicious tasting Jell-O. Although Jell-O is its primary use, it can also be used for making all sorts of candies.

Gelatin can also provide many health benefits, such as amino acids, brain function, and much more. The possibilities are truly endless; in fact, one man filled his entire pool with gelatin! This fun and tasty dessert has its place on the dinner table, that’s for sure.

It can be utilized for really about anything the imagination can think of, so we’ve covered several uses for the dessert. You’ll also see that we’ve included a few substitutes, as gelatin is often out of stock. Let’s learn more about the cool facts of this whimsical dessert.

Amazing Benefits of Gelatin Powder

Great For Skin

Gelatin contains many great amino acids that help to hydrate our skin. If we do not ingest an adequate amount of amino acids, our skin can become dry and brittle. Luckily, gelatin contains the amino acids needed. It’s also high in specific proteins, which are essential to healthy, tight skin. In some cases, a deficiency in amino acids can cause premature onset of wrinkles.

Strengthens Bones

Gelatin, a bone mill product, helps our bones similar to cows’ milk. Gelatin makes our bones harder and can even reduce bone pain caused by bruising, pulled ligaments, and more. Studies also show that gelatin can increase our bone mass, which is a huge bonus!

Improves Digestive health

It’s all too common to eat a diet that may seem healthy but lacks the proper ingredients to help our gut. Gelatin is high in nutrients that help line the intestines with mucus, quintessential for appropriate digestion and, ultimately, general health. After all, an unhealthy gut can cause abnormally low absorption of essential nutrients.

Substitutes For Gelatin Powder


Arrowroot is an excellent substitute for jams, pies, or other foods alike, but it cannot be used as gelatin for Jell-O. This is because it does not contain the proper properties to become a Gelatin like substance. Nevertheless, it still deserves a spot, as when it’s used for the noted purposes, it really excels!

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum will not become a solid as the gelatin will but can still serve as a great additive to desserts, such as pie or other foods that require buoyancy. It works by binding water to solids, so while it’s not going to replace regular gelatin, it can still serve as a great medium.


Agar is the best substitute, as it becomes solid the same way as gelatin does! It does not contain any flavor, though, so you’ll need to add some type of flavor, such as the famous green apple added to Jell-O! You may use the same amount of Agar as you would with gelatin, as agar becomes just as solid, if not even more so than regular Jello-O.

Awesome Uses


There is some evidence that hydrolyzed collagen (aka gelatin) is beneficial for joint health, reducing pain and inflammation. This works in theory because collagen is the adhesive component of our very own bones and cartilage. We would suggest using it as a supplement rather than a primary treatment, as you might very well see an improvement.

Skin Care

Collagen is also known to be very healthy for our skin, improving the overall smoothness and elasticity. Dietary collagen supplements are said to be more effective over creams and such, and since gelatin is essentially the cooked form of collagen, we think it’s worth a try. Many have testified to its ability to improve their complexion’s appearance.

Muscle Repair

While the scientific studies are still being done, there are many athletes out there who swear by gelatin’s ability to decrease recovery time. Collagen is beneficial to the connective tissue in our tendons, so it only makes sense. For the next time you plan to go hard at the gym, look into it!


I’m sure just about all of us have enjoyed Jell-O at some point in our lives. There aren’t many foods that can compare to the bouncy, delicious gelatin. It’s challenging to find an alternative that genuinely has the potential to replace the classic. Still, the three featured here are great.

Gelatin can be used in desserts such as Jell-O, popsicles, drinks, jams, and much more. As mentioned before, it’s even used as a solid to fill an entire swimming pool! It’s a fun, tasty, sweet American icon that genuinely has endless possibilities!