Where To Find Hoisin Sauce in The Grocery Store?

To find hoisin sauce, look near the barbecue sauce aisle. Hoisin sauce is unique in taste and packs a flavourful punch. It’s made by fermenting soybean, then adding garlic, sesame oil, chiles, and many other ingredients.

Relative to American barbecue sauce, hoisin sauce is also used for numerous dishes, such as fish, chicken, and beef, to name just a few. The versatility allows this sauce to be applied to just about anything, as the ingredients pair great with many types of recipe profiles.

Hoisin sauce also has quite a few health benefits, as expected, as hoisin sauce features ingredients known to heal. We’ve also included a few substitutes, which may be just what you’re looking for if you prefer something slightly different.

Awesome Benefits 

It’s Great For Low Blood Pressure

If you are among the many millions of Americans with low blood pressure, then implementing hoisin sauce into your daily diet may help. Hoisin sauce is packed full of sodium, reaching up to 500 mg in just a serving. Sodium helps our bodies retain water, which results in more blood volume, further resulting in higher blood pressure!

Great Energy Booster

Hoisin sauce is a great energy booster, as it has a very high carb to gram ratio. It’s packed full of protein, sugars, and more, which can provide healthy energy. It’s not uncommon in the slightest to get carbs from unhealthy fats and processed sugars; luckily, hoisin sauce offers all of this, yet in a wholesome way.

It Combats Sickness

Hoisin sauce contains quite a bit of garlic, which has been used for thousands of years to help our bodies fight off nasty infection. Garlic has been used to directly treat infections such as dental infections, cellulitis, and more. Garlic is also great for fighting inflammation, especially in the throat, caused by colds, flu, and more.

Substitutes For Hoisin Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce holds a very similar flavor profile to hoisin sauce but is a little sweeter. It’s great for most of the uses that hoisin sauce is utilized for and will caramelize well when used as a base for sauteing foods such as stir fry. To make it even more similar in taste, add a little bit of powdered garlic since garlic is a primary ingredient missing in teriyaki sauce.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is quite different in texture than hoisin sauce, but it can still be a fantastic substitute. To get the most out of soy sauce, add a little garlic and sweet barbecue sauce. It’s not going to give hoisin sauce any competition, but it can act as a decent substitute if you’re in a pinch. The only negative here is that soy sauce is quite a bit saltier than hoisin sauce.

Barbecue & Molasses

Hoisin sauce is very comparable to barbecue in terms of texture and can make one of the best alternatives. It results in a very similar sauce using barbecue sauce, garlic, soy sauce, and Chinese spice powder. Don’t forget the primary ingredient, though: Molasses.

A Few Great Uses

Chinese Pepper Steak

Hoisin sauce is a prime ingredient in this delicious staple Chinese dish known all over the world. Combined with the savory beef and flavorful peppers, it will provide a filling meal for everyone. Hoisin sauce is a growing sauce to use in this legendary meal. Just find your favorite recipe and enjoy the stir-fried goodness.

Hoisin Chicken

If you find that you’re not feeling beef at the time, this sauce also pairs very well with chicken. You can also add many different garnishments, like snow peas and shiitake mushrooms. All these together make for a great combination that will give you that eastern flavor you’re seeking.

As A Dipping Sauce

Last but certainly not least, if you already have egg rolls or spring rolls ready to chow down on, hoisin sauce makes for a great and flavorful dip. It’s also thicker and more substantial in texture than soy sauce for those who prefer it. You can also add a bit of garlic when used as a sauce.


Hoisin sauce has been around for a long time, and the key ingredients have yet to change. The taste is truly outstanding. It’s unique and potent in flavor, without the overwhelming saltiness that some Asian sauces sometimes have.

While certainly not identical in taste, the substitutes still provide a familiar flavor to hoisin sauce. Not to mention, it has quite a few health benefits that are not typically seen in sauces of this nature. It’s a special sauce to opt for, particularly for Asian cuisines.