Where To Find Malt Powder in The Grocery Store

To find malted powder, look near the cake baking ingredients; it should be near the condensed milk. Malt powder is made from cow's milk, but it’s a little more than just chocolate. It can be used for all kinds of recipes, including delicious milkshakes, ice-cream, cakes, and much more. 

This tasty powder brings a few health benefits to the table as well. This tasty powder is so good that we’ve covered multiple subjects on it. If you’ve ever had hard candies with chocolate coating, it was likely malt chocolate!

You’re going to learn how to implement it into recipes, the health benefits, and more. Plus, we’ve included a few substitutes, just in case it proves difficult to find it in your grocery store. Let’s learn more about this mouth-watering, delicious dessert.

Benefits of Malt Powder

Improves Heart Health

Malt powder can improve heart health, which may be a surprise since it’s a prevalent ingredient for desserts. Malt helps by lowering cholesterol levels, which results in better blood pressure, freed arteries, and less heart strain. This leads to overall better performance and may even provide more energy if you have a cholesterol problem.

Improves Digestion

Malt powder can significantly affect digestion, as it helps our intestines better absorb the nutrients and vitamins that go through them every day. Malt works in a similar way that fiber does, without the added bulk. Fiber can help move contents through our intestines faster, leading to better absorption, identical to malt.

Creates A Better Mood

N-dimethyltryptamine, which is found in Malt, plays a large role in producing chemicals that relax us, such as GABA and dopamine. However, it does more than this; it also helps our brains manage the usage of these chemicals more effectively. It’s also great for energy, the kind of energy that truly makes you feel great.

Awesome Substitutes 


Ovaltine is one of the classics used to add to milk to make it rich in malty, chocolatey goodness. It’s very similar to powdered malt; however, it does not contain milk, so you’ll need to add some type of milk to your recipe. If you’d prefer, you can add soy milk, but it will taste different than what regular cows milk could deliver.

Malt Syrup

Malt syrup is virtually the same as malt powder, except for two reasons: it's milk-free and comes in liquid form. Like with Ovaltine, you’ll need to add milk, but the taste is nearly indistinguishable after doing this. Malt syrup is also great when added to ice-cream, yum!

Soy Milk Powder

Soy milk powder is great for those of you who are lactose intolerant. It’s very similar to malt powder to be used in many of the same recipes. You can also use soymilk, making it an entirely milk-free recipe! Soy milk powder works best for dry recipes, such as cakes or cookies.

Uses For Malt Powder

Chocolate Malts

One of the most classic uses for malt powder is this iconic drink, which is richer in taste than milkshakes. If you have a blender, it would be easy to whip one up with ice cream, cold milk, malt powder, and some chocolate syrup for flavor, until blended well. You may even love the idea of mixing the malt powder with protein powder to make an outstanding protein shake!


Malt powder can also be an essential ingredient for baking, too, especially cookie baking. Both rich and mildly sweet, it will give your baked goods something almost equivalent to the “umami” taste of non-sweet foods. It’s additionally a great additive to add to fudge! It can even be used outside of desserts, making for a very different spin.

Homemade Chocolate Milk Powder

If you want to try creating an alternative to a specific store-bought brand, it’s straightforward. Simply combine malt powder, cocoa powder, and dry milk. Add sugar as needed and make sure to sift through it for any clumps for everyone of all ages to enjoy. This makes for a truly personal shake that you’ll love!


Malt powder is just one of the classics that Americans continue to enjoy every day. It’s used to make delicious candies, drinks, and sweeten up and add character to plain milk. Malk powder even carries a few surprising health benefits, as noted above!

The American classic requires milk, though, so we hope the substitutes give you a great alternative if you’re lactose intolerant. Malt powder can be used in so many recipes that it’s mind-blowing! Candies, milkshakes, ice-cream, and more are perfect contenders for this tasty powder!